Thursday, August 11, 2016

Catching the Mighty Cuyahoga

After I was finished with the plane, I decided to take a look at AIS.  I saw that Lake Huron was pretty dead today (I'm hoping that it will be busy tomorrow), so I decided to look at Lake Michigan.  I saw that the Sykes was out and about but she was heading to Burns Harbor and even if she were heading to Grand Haven, it wouldn't be until much later.  And then I saw the Cuyahoga and it looked like she was heading down St Joseph.  After I clicked on her icon, I confirmed that she was in fact heading there.  So that's where I ended up heading.
 As I checked, I saw that she was only two hours away from St Joseph, so I knew that I wasn't going to catch her heading into the harbor.  I did however have a pretty good idea of where she would be hanging out, so I got some pictures of her unloading.
 She was unloading a partial load of stone after unloading the other part in Ludington.  I'm not sure where she picked it up from though.
 she lurks in the bushes.
 I found a couple other spots for her.
 But I think this was my favorite view.
 This kind of reminds me of a doorway.  So I'll call it the door to the Great Lakes.
 A much wider view.
 While I was taking pictures of the lighthouse and waiting for her to appear, she finally appeared.  Sadly, I wasn't on the part of the pier I wanted to be on because I wanted to catch a clearer shot of her passing the railroad bridge.  This wasn't too bad.
 But I also wanted to be further down the pier, so it worked out well for me. 

 It's amazing how big these vessels are when they are up close.
 She approaches the lighthouse pair.
 Her deckhouse.
 A closeup of her rudder.
 The Maple Leaf flapping in the breeze.

And one more shot of her leaving the harbor.  I love it when I can catch ships in other places on the Lakes.

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Pater said...

This is a real nice journal of the Cuyahoga visit to St Joesph.