Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Algoway enters the Saginaw River

Next up was the Algoway.  I ended up going to a boat launch near the mouth of the river.  I wasn't quite sure what dock the Algoway would be using, so I wanted to make sure that I caught her at one spot.
 It turns out that I've caught the Algoway on the Saginaw River before.  That time, she was heading up from Zilwaukee.  I was pretty sure she wasn't going that far down the river.  But I still couldn't miss it because the Saginaw River is pretty photogenic.
 She passes the power plant.
 And she heads down the River.
 I went to a park in Essexville.  I was hoping that I would catch her as she was passing. 
 It turns out that she was heading over to the aggregate dock.  so I caught her as she turned into there.
 She works her way into the dock.
And she continues to move into the dock.  It is still amazing to watch these ships maneuver in the river.

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