Sunday, August 14, 2016

Catching up to the Blough

There are some days when I am boatwatching when I wished I had a plane and a pilot's license.  As I was watching the Algoway, I saw that the Blough was making her way up from Conneaut, Ohio.  I wanted to catch the Blough because it was her first trip after running aground.  I was actually hoping that I could catch her on the downbound leg but she passed Port Huron too late and Detroit too early.
 At the end of May, the Roger Blough ran aground just north of the Point Iroquois Lighthouse.  There is a sort of reef there and it is believed that she was trying to avoid running into the Tim S. Dool.  The Dool was adrift after losing power.
 After getting lightened by both the Philip Clarke and Arthur M. Anderson, the Blough made her way to the Soo Locks where she underwent a cursory examination to see the extent of her damage.  It was determined that she would have to go the Shipyard for repairs.
 She then headed over to Sturgeon Bay, where she underwent some fairly extensive repairs.  These repairs were just finished.  She then headed up to Two Harbors to load taconite for Conneaut, Ohio.
 As I was taking these pictures, it started to rain pretty hard but I wanted the pictures, so I braved the rain.
 I kind of think the pictures were worth it.
 There is a running joke in Michigan.  If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes.  Shortly after getting in the car, I decided to head up to Belle Isle to catch her there.
 It was beautiful.

I really loved the intensity of the sky.

Anyway, it was nice to see an old friend back doing her thing.

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