Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Night of the 757's

I decided to head over to Metro Airport last night.  With the Delta computers messed up earlier in the day, I figured that there would be quite a few flights trying to catch up.
 It wasn't too long after my arrival that I was greeted by this Embrear 175.  From this plane it was pretty much a steady stream of aircraft until I left.
 This Boeing 717 was coming in from Kansas City.
 But what gets me excited is the 757.  I'm not sure where this one was arriving from because Flight Aware had it in Atlanta.  It might have been a transfer or something.
 This Airbus 319 was preparing to take off.
 The lighting was just about perfect for me.
 An Airbus A319 landing with the 757 taxiing.
 This particular 767 was arriving from LAX.  I guess these folks didn't want the red eye flight.  After sticking around Romulus for a bit, it was off to San Francisco.
 The front shot of that plane.
 If you've followed my aviation posts for any period of time, you know that my favorite commercial plane is the 757.  I've liked it from the first time that I saw it up close.  I will have to admit it is a very nice looking aircraft but then again there aren't too many planes that I don't like.  Anyway, there are two of them in this shot but you can't see that too well, so you'll have to trust me.
 I don't think there is a bad angle of this aircraft.  This particular 757 was arriving from Fort Myers.
 This is another 757 that I don't have much information about.  It has a tail number of N900PC and according to flight aware, it typically goes from JFK to Seattle.
 Another 757 taxiing.
 This particular 737 was coming from Fort Lauderdale.
 And then there is one of the flights from Amsterdam.
 An Embrear 175 operated for United Express.
 Another A319.
 The 737 is not bad looking plane either.
 This particular 737 was coming from San Francisco.  I will have to admit, it is pretty cool to live in an age where I can be on another coast within 5 hours.
And we end with the taxi Spirit Plane.

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