Monday, August 8, 2016

Sunday With the Heavies

The river was kind of slow yesterday and I had to be somewhere at 4:00, so I decided to head over to the airport.  The winds were right for the aircraft to be landing from the south.  That gave me a chance to get pictures of planes landing on both runways.  The only problem is that it was warm yesterday, so the planes on the other runway were a little fuzzy.
 First up was the Airbus A340 belonging to Lufthansa from Germany.  This was serving as DLH442 from Frankfurt, Germany.  This flight takes almost 9 hours to get from Germany to here.
 N347NW is an Airbus A320 that belongs to Delta Airlines.  This particular one was flying from LaGuardia Airport in New York City.  After hanging around Romulus for a bit, it took a trip down to Atlanta.
 I can't quite make out the tail number for this plane but I think it was the Delta flight from Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris, France.  At any rate, it is an A330.
 This is a CRJ-900 that is registered to GoJet.  GoJet has the call sign of Lindbergh.  I presume it is after the famed aviator and not the model company.
 This 767 was arriving from Munich, Germany.  It is one of a handful of Delta planes in their Skyteam livery.  I would love to see Delta do heritage livery like some of the other airlines.  They could tie up at least 20 planes with just the different airlines that are now a part of Delta.  They could probably tie up a few more with the variations of those liveries.  At any rate, it would be cool to see the North Central duck again.
 This is an Embrear 170 belonging to Republic Airlines but flying in United colors.
 The Virgin Atlantic flight from London.
 It's kind of neat that Detroit Metro handles some of the larger flights. Both of these flights come from Asia.
 Sorry, the first flight was the direct flight from Shanghai, China.  This 747 has tail number N665US.  This particular flight takes 13 hours when it comes here.  I think the return flight is 15 hours (or so).  This flight also goes over the North Pole.
 N666US was serving as Flight 158 from Incheon Airport which serves Seoul, Korea.   This particular flight doesn't go over the North Pole but it does reach the northern edge of Alaska.  This flight is about 12 hours.
 I'm sure the flight length of this Southwest jet isn't nearly as long.  In fact, I would be willing to bet that this plane will fly to three or four different airports in the time one of the 747's flies their one leg.
And I end with my favorite...the 757.  I believe this one was coming in from Seattle.

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