Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Stop at Magee and Ottawa

My friend had never been to either Ottawa or Magee before, so I had to take him there.  I figured he would enjoy it there and that probably would have been true had it not been so hot.  I think we would have walked around more if the weather were better.  As it was, I got a few pictures.
 An egret after taking off.  After a few years of doing this, I am getting familiar with the comfort zones of birds.  I try not to step too close but you never know.
 Egrets look pretty coll when they are flying though.
 I saw the eagle in the other nest but he was hidden by the leaves.  I think the two black eagles are fairly young and if they haven't flown already, they will.  I'll have to say that this spring has been weird.  It seems like everything has been sped up.
 A red winged blackbird.
 I barely caught this heron.
 One of the birds that has eluded me is a cardinal.  When I try to get a picture of one, they usually fly off.  I was able to get a picture of this one.  Sadly when I tried to get a better angle, he flew off.
 Another egret.
 I think this is a trumpeter swan.  The reddish color is because it feeds in water rich with iron.
 One of those swans swimming.
And one more.

Overall, it was a nice day.  The last time I did something with my friend was before I went in the hospital, so it was nice to get out with him.

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