Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Chasing the Heavies in the Rain

I didn't really feel like doing much Saturday after my whirlwind tour last week, but that didn't keep me from going to the airport.  For the most part, I don't have to exert myself when planewatching but Saturday was a little different.  It was raining, so  I stayed out of my car long enough to get my pictures and I waited it out in the car.
 First up was a 757 getting ready to head to Fort Lauderdale.  I actually like shooting in the rain because I can get some of the reflections on the runways.
 Next up was one of the planes I was waiting for, the 747 flight from Frankfurt.
 I couldn't pass up a pair of Boeing 717s.  The front one is waiting to go to Charlotte.  The back one is going to JFK.
An A330 arriving from Amsterdam.
 As it was starting to touchdown.  I liked the vapor trails coming off.
 An Embrear 190 coming in for a landing after arriving from Monterrey.
 The Boeing 717 getting ready to depart for JFK.
 An MD-88 getting ready to line up for takeoff.
 An A330 arriving from Paris.
 A Spirit A319 arriving from Philadelphia.  This one is the Spirit of Turks and Caicos Islands.
 A 757 taking off for Orlando.
 A 757 getting ready to line up for takeoff.
A 767 that arrived from Munich.

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