Monday, May 14, 2018

Waiting at Denver Airport

So I finished my visit to the vendor and it was time to go home.  I ended up getting to the airport early enough to do some planewatching.
 The place where  got lunch had a pretty good view of the runway.  I got to watch this American A321 taxi out.
 As I was getting close to finishing lunch, I saw this United 787 getting ready to pull out.
 A Southwest 737 getting ready to take off.
 The A321 from earlier.
 This 737 was taxiing into the gate.
 I loved it that I could get a front shot.
 The 787 getting ready to pull out.
 And then  I caught this Delta MD-90.
 A Lufthansa A350 at the gate.
 A Lufthansa 747 coming in.
 Another shot of that plane.
 I don't often get to see a Fed Ex 767 in the daylight, so this was pretty cool.
 I was excited to see my favorite plane come out.  This is a 757-300.
Denver is the main hub for Frontier Airlines.  I love this livery although I hear Frontier is not such a good airline to fly on.

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