Saturday, May 5, 2018

Catching the Beast

I wasn't going to go to the airport today either but I found out that an An-124 was arriving.  If you will recall, a picture of an An-124 was the last thing I took before my episode in the hospital.  This time I figured I could get better pictures of it.
 First up was a CRJ arriving from Manchester.
 It was followed by a Spirit Airlines A320 arriving from Atlanta.
 Unfortunately, I didn't have the best light for this 757, so I made it a black and white photo.  It was arriving from Fort Lauderdale.
 A 73.
 This CRJ was landing on 21R.  It's rare that I see a passenger plane landing there.
 I decided to head over to my other spot to catch the An-124.  I figured I would roll the dice and hope that it landed on 22R.    While I was taking the other pictures, I met another spotter.  He stayed where I was.
 An Embrear arrriving.
 Another 757.  I think this one was coming from Fort Myers.
 It wasn't long before the An-124 arrived.  It was coming in from Laredo but I'm not sure what it was carrying.
 It was pretty cool seeing it coming in though.
 Look at the undercarriage on that beast.

 And it passed over.
 A 717 arriving from Newark.
 Another 717 coming from New Orleans.
 an Embrear.
And I ended my trip with a Southwest Airlines 737.

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