Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hanging Out in the 27s

I wasn't planning on going to airport last night.  The Air France 787 flight was cancelled again and I didn't see any reason to go.  That was until I checked FlightRadar and saw that the planes were lining up to land on the 27s.  The 27s are the runways that run due west and then are only used when there are strong winds from the west.  And I think wind speeds were reaching the upper 30's yesterday.  I figured it would give me a chance to get some different angles on the planes.
 I figured my best bet would be from the McNamara parking deck.  I also figured that the planes would be coming almost straight at me.  It looked like they were using 27R mostly for takeoffs.  This Delta Airlines A319 was getting on its way to Charlotte.
 It was followed by an MD-88 on its way to Atlanta.
 It's not often when I can get the planes taking off.  This is a 767 on its way to Munich.
 I think they were using 27L exclusively for landings.  This Spirit Airlines A320 was arriving from Seattle.
 It was followed by an A320 arriving from San Diego.
 I had to pick and choose between the runways because 27R was pretty busy too.  This Delta A320 was getting on its way to Beantown.
 This A319 arrived from Monterrey.
 Next up was this American Airlines MD-83 arriving from Dallas.
 A 757 heading to Seattle.
 But what really made my night was when I found out that there were some diversions coming in from Toronto.
 British Airways used to serve Detroit Metro until the early 2000's.  I don't think they generated enough traffic between London and Detroit to justify continuing here.  I wish I had my radio with me because I could have heard their callsign of "Speedbird".
 This was 777 that originally came from London.  With A380 service starting to Chicago, maybe we'll get to see one of those on a diversion.
 This A319 just arrived from Mexico City.
 An A319 heading out to St. Louis.
 A Spirit Airlines plane arriving from Seattle.
 An A330 arriving from Amsterdam.
 This 757-300 was on its way to Orlando.
 The MD-11 arriving from Memphis.
 Another shot of that plane.
 An Embrear but I'm not sure of its origin.
 An MD-88 from Windsor Locks, CT.
 An A321 arriving from San Diego.
 The 757 arriving from Orlando.
 Another shot of that plane.
 The Jet Blue A320 arriving from Boston.
 A 737.
 Another diversion.  An Air Canada A320 but I'm not sure where it was flying from.
 A 717 arriving from Kansas City.
 This MD-88 arriving from Denver.
 It is joining the party.
 I ended the night with a 757.
This one arrived from Santa Ana.

With all the planes coming in from all different directions, I had a blast planespotting last night.

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Pater said...

It was quite a day at the airport judging by the number of photographs. Well done.