Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday Wolverines

As I was heading home tonight, I saw that I would be passing Depot Town at the time the eastbound Wolverine would be passing.   I decided to stop at my spot near the depot to get pictures.
 It wasn't too long before the eastbound Wolverine appeared and I was able to take pictures of it.
 I didn't notice the engineer making peace signs though.  This is train number 352.
 I thought it was pretty cool.  Anyway, this train would continue on to Dearborn, Detroit, Royal Oak, Troy and Pontiac. 
 As I was heading to trivia, I saw that I had a chance to catch the westbound Wolverine.  This is train number 355.
 No peace signs this time, but a chance to catch the train by the depot.
One more shot before moving on.  The train would continue on to Ann Arbor, Jackson, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and eventually Chicago.

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