Friday, May 25, 2018

Escargot and That Red Clam Chowder

After work, I decided that I wanted to head up to Fish Point.  I didn't want to deal with US-23, so I ended up taking Telegraph Road to M-24.  At the end, it pretty much put me right at Fish Point.  Sadly, it was dusk at the time I arrived so I could pretty much only see some birds.  I didn't see what I was looking for though.  I might have to go again.
 Before leaving, I looked at FlightRadar and saw that Air France would be arriving at the airport at the same time I was.  So I decided to stop.  First up was a CRJ-900 coming in from John Glenn Airport in Columbus, Ohio.  The airport was named after the Pilot/Astronaut/Senator.  Prior to becoming an astronaut, he was a Marine Aviator.  He served as a fighter pilot in World War II and the Korean War.  During the Korean War, he shot down three MiG-15s.  In 1957, he became the first pilot to make a supersonic transcontinental flight.  He was selected as one of the first seven astronauts for the Mercury program.  On February 20, 1962, he would take the Friendship 7 into orbit and become the first American in orbit.  In 1974, he would become a Senator for Ohio and would serve at least four terms.  In 1998, he would return to space in the Space Shuttle and become the oldest man in space.  The only blemish on his record was that he was involved in the Keating Savings and Loan scandal.  He died in 2016.
 Next up was another CRJ-900 coming from Portland, Maine.
 The Air France 787 was the plane that I was most interested in though.
 It was arriving from Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.
 One more shot.
 Next up was N607NK belonging to Spirit Airlines.  In this picture it was operating as Spirit flight 922 from LaGuardia.   Interestingly enough, it was one of the planes I caught last night.  When I caught it last night, it was arriving from Seattle.  From Detroit, it flew to Atlana.  From there, it flew to Orlando.  It stayed overnight in Orlando and flew back to Atlanta.  From Atlanta, it flew back to Metro.  It then flew to Myrtle Beach, Florida and then LaGuardia.  After returning to Detroit, it would fly to Las Vegas and then Portland, Oregon. 
And here it is flying over the moon.  The plane has logged many miles in 24 hours.

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