Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Two for Tuesday

As I was heading home tonight, it dawned on me that I would passing Depot Town at about the same time the Wolverine would be passing Depot Town.  I decided to stop for some pictures.
 It wasn't long before I heard the distinctive horn of the Wolverine.  It was soon followed by the sound of the crossing gates coming down.
 It wasn't much longer before the Wolverine appeared around the bend.  This was the eastbound variety of Wolverine.  It would be coming from Chicago.
 Of course, I didn't notice the peace sign while I was taking the pictures.  I think it's pretty cool though.
 One more shot of the Wolverine before it passed.
 Dinner wasn't quite ready, so I headed back to Depot Town in order to catch the westbound Wolverine.
 I think the light was a little better for that direction.  I also had the camera set to manual mode so that I wouldn't get the fluctuations in light in my pictures.
It wasn't long before the train passed me.

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