Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunshine Dreaming

I decided to head to the airport on Thursday night.  I was hoping to get pictures of both 787s.  The planes were coming from the south, so that meant I had to head up to the parking deck.  I actually don't mind these shots so much because it gives me a different angle.
 An Airbus A321 belonging to Delta arriving from Atlanta.
 the first of the 787 pair was the Royal Jordanian flight from Amman, Jordan with a stop in Montreal.
 A touchdown on 3R with a wisp of smoke.
 And the thrust reversers kick in.
 A 757 getting ready to head to Fort Myers, Florida.
 A Southwest 737 arriving from Atlanta.
 The saying on the nose is, "Blue look maahvelous".  I will admit, it's a pretty nice looking paint scheme.  A jetBlue A320 arriving from Boston.
 Seems like I catch many flights from Atlana.
 A CRJ-900 arriving from Columbus.
It was followed by a 200 from Akron.

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