Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Stopping at the Schoonmaker

On Sunday I decided to go down to Toledo with a friend.  As we were crossing the I-280 bridge, I saw that the Craig Bridge was open.  I figured that it was open for a ship and as I looked I saw the USS Niagara making her way down the Maumee River.  I was hoping we could catch her.  We stopped at the park near the Col. James Schoonmaker but we missed the Niagara.
 I figured that since I was there, I might as well get some pictures of the Schoonmaker.  She's a pretty nice looking boat.
 As I was wandering by her, I noticed a plaque and I started to read the plaque.  It said that it took a 25 year effort to save her from the scrapyard.  After she was retired, the city of Toledo owned her but they couldn't afford to keep her.  In order to save her, funds were raised.
 Funds were also raised to paint her and I'll have to admit that she looks pretty good.
And the sun was just about perfect for her.

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