Sunday, September 5, 2010

Army Vs Eastern Michigan

After the Michigan game, I tried to wander over to the Eastern Michigan game since it started at 7. It took a little longer than I had hoped but I did make it for halftime. The score was tied at 14 all at that point so it was like I was at a new ball game.

The Eagles coming out of the tunnel and onto the field. The little scoreboard in the back was because the main scoreboard was down. It was different watching a game where you didn't have down and distance on the scoreboard. Oh well.

One of the Army players rushing the ball. In alot of ways, Army plays the same offense as Navy, only not quite as effective (but effective enough against Eastern).

Another Army rush.

One of the Eastern players rushing the ball.

The Eastern quarterback rushing the ball.

Another rush.

The Army quarterback handing off the ball.

Another Army rush.

The Army quarterback passing the ball.

An Eastern Rush.

The Eastern player rushing again.

A handoff.

The Army mascot, I believe he is a mule. I think they used to drag a real mule along with them.

The Army quaterback attempting a pass.

Another Army rushing play.

Another hand off of the ball.

The Eastern Michigan mascot....Swoop.

A shot of the battle of the trenches.

The Eastern quarterback as he is about to pass the ball.

Another shot of the Eastern quarterback about to pass.

Here he is running away from an Army defender.

The handshake at the end of the game. It was kind of a disappointing finish for Eastern, the managed to roar back to lead the game 27-24. Army drove the ball on the next drive to get the lead back to 31-27 and left Eastern with less than a minute. Despite that, Eastern was able to take to the air and almost got a touchdown.

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