Sunday, September 5, 2010

U Conn Vs Michigan - The Game

Here are my pictures from the game.

The opening kickoff. Looks like the kicker caught it off the side of his foot because the ball didn't seem to go very far. Michigan was able to hold them though.

Denard Robinson running the ball. The kid is fast and it looks like he's starting to develop his passing game which will make him a legitimate threat at quarterback.

Shaw making a run.

Another run by Denard.

Denard as he runs it into the endzone.

Another run by Denard.

The running back for Connecticut making a break for it. But he is about to be closed in on.

Denard about to pass.

Odoms after catching the ball.

Shaw punching it in.

A shot just before the snap.

The Connecticut running back making a run for it.

I think they are about to punch it in to score.

The band at halftime.

Denard making another pass.

Handing the ball off.

This was after a Michigan field goal. The cheerleaders are spelling out "Michigan".

Rich Rod.

The ball popping out after a Connecticut fumble.

This is the attendance of the game which is a record for NCAA football.

Just after the snap.

Smith as he is about to get tackled.

The Connecticut quarterback passing the ball.

The handshake after the game.

The team going over to the student section and singing "The Victors". Michigan ended up winning the game 30-10.

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