Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cleveland Air Show - 2010

Earlier I found out that the Blue Angels were going to be in Cleveland for the Air Show there. Little did I realize that Cleveland has a pretty large Air Show as well. So I decided to head down there to check it out.

Unfortunately, we got a late start so I caught the tail end of the F/A-18 demonstration and missed getting a picture of the heritage flight with this and a Corsair.

The next part of the show was a demonstration of warbirds. This is the Yankee Lady from Willow Run.

This is a shot of a plane decked out like a Zero, the Yankee Lady and a Corsair. The Zero was chasing them around and acting like a dogfight. It was pretty cool.

The Yankee Lady coming in for a landing.

The Zero coming in for a landing.

The Corsair coming in for a landing.

A Coast Guard helicopter being put through its paces.

This is an F-15E Strike Eagle.

Coming in for a pass.

Coming by on another pass. I love the vapor trails coming off the wings.

A turn.

And a nice pass.

A tandem biplane stunt team. These guys were pretty impressive to watch.

Here they are about to pass.

One right side up, the other upside down.

A member of the Army's Golden Knights parachute team. These guys were pretty impressive to watch as well. Thier plane went up to about 13,000 feet and dropped them off. There was one part where they freefell in a diamond pattern and crossed at show center. Each of them were able to land on a pie plate sized target.

A wingwalker.

The wingwalker upside down.

This is an air show photographer taking a nice shot of the crowd.

The Blue Angels' C-130, Fat Albert.

The Blue Angels diamond formation.

The inverted diamond.

An echelon formation pass.

The opposing solo pilots in an inverted pass. Unfortunately, this was the only shot I got where the two planes were fully in the shot.

One of the formations breaking up.

Another pass of the diamond.

Another formation breaking up.

Another pass of the diamond.

The delta formation breaking up.

Other breaking formation.

Two of the planes passing by. It was pretty neat seeing the Blue Angels again this year, especially since there wasn't a cloud in the sky and they were able to do their full show. It is amazing watching them get up to a couple miles in a matter of seconds. Next year these guys will be in Ypsilanti, so I will definately catch them there.


Bigasshammm said...

Damn dude you take some incredible pictures of the planes in flight. You must have one hell of a camera combined with considerable talent. Jealous.

I wasn't sure if you were making it over here for the show this year. Looks like it was a good time. I haven't gone in the gates in probably 12 years as it's usually way too crowded inside.

This is the first year of many that I didn't make it up on Friday to watch the planes come in and practice. Oh well at least I had the MI airshow this year.

Mikoyan said...

The toughest pictures to get are the ones where I'm trying to get the two passing planes together. That is more the camera than me because I just set it on automatic mode and pan one of the planes.

Yes it was pretty crowded but I will go next year.

Bigasshammm said...

I'm telling you if you can get a day off the Friday before that's the day to go.

Mikoyan said...

I might do that next year for the both the Willow Run show and this show. I seem to remember the Willow Run Show on Friday being interesting as stuff is flying in.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the "Zero" is a modified AT-6 Texan trainer.