Saturday, September 18, 2010

University of Massachusetts vs. University of Michigan - the game

These are my shots from the game which as I said in the last post were tough at times, especially as people stood up because of certain plays. It was still fun. The game was alot closer than I was hoping given that UMass is Division 1AA (I refuse to call the Divisions FBS and FCS because it sounds stupid). Anyways...

The opening kickoff. UMass won the toss but decided to receive.

The UMass Quarterback. Either UMass was pretty good on offense or Michigan was pretty bad on defense because they were able to run the ball down our throats most of game. I hope it is the former because if its the latter then this might be another long season.

Denard as he is about to pass.

Shaw running in for a touchdown.

The UMass quarterback handing the ball off. I don't know how many shots I went through that looked exactly like this. It also seemed like every time this play happened they got 5 yards.

The running back getting the corner.

I don't think he scored here but it was very nerve wracking.

Denard shakes off a tackle.

Denard breaks free.

A shot of the trenches right after the snap.

The quarterback gets sacked.

Denard putting the moves on someone.

The UMass running back breaking free.

Denard passing.

Stonum after a catch.

Denard getting ready to pass again. It was a pretty sweet finish to the second half. It looked like Michigan would go to the locker room down but within 2 minutes (or so), they scored two touchdowns and went into the locker room with the lead.

The UMass band. They were playing some Madonna songs. Just before they took the field there was a moment of silence because their band director died on the way over here, it was a very touching moment.

The band dancing.

The Michigan pom pom girls. They were dressed up like Lady Gaga (so were the flag girls) and were playing songs by her, I guess.

The Michigan Band. One of the things I like about going to the game as opposed to watching it on TV is getting to hear the bands rather than the bobbleheads on TV. It is much more enjoyable.

Stonum running. I don't remember if this was after a reverse or after a catch.

Denard running again.

Shaw after breaking free. He would score on this play. It was pretty sweet.

Denard running again. He didn't have the monster game that he had in the first two games but he still put up good numbers.

I don't remember which player this was but he was wearing the defender and he still made the catch.

Parts of the band were up in the stands and I looked over and saw the tuba and I liked the effect.

Shaw running again.

Shaw punching it in for a touchdown.

Denard just after the snap.

And my favorite formation....The victory formation.

The handshake after the game.

And the team near the student section singing the Victors.

It was a pretty good game but way too close to comfort. Michigan ended up winning the game 42-37 but that was still too close. I hope that the defense was playing it loose or something.


Anonymous said...

The last UMass Touchdown was scored by a transfer student from the Eagles of Eastern Michigan.

Anonymous said...

If the Wolverines don't solve the containment problems in the off tackle plays they had with the Minutemen, it could be a long and nailbiting season. But that is why we love the game. I think Mr Yost helped on the onside kick as he was leaving. He helped it out of bounds.

Anonymous said...

It was Stonum who made the nice catch while wearing the UMass defender.

Mikoyan said...

I didn't remember who it was but I remember thinking how it was a nice catch.