Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Huntington Beach, California

One of my favorite places to visit while I'm in California is Huntington Beach. The area near the beach is pretty touristy but I can get some pictures of surfing which is pretty cool. This is made easier by my 500mm lens. Anyways, here are some shots of the pier and the beach.

This is Ruby's Restaurant at the end of the pier. I haven't eaten here yet so I don't know how it is but the building is pretty cool.

This is the pier from the other side.

This is one of the lifeguard shacks.

The California flag flapping in the breeze. It was getting late so you can see a little motion blur.

Looking down Main Street.

This is Duke Kahanamoku, he was one of the main people to bring surfing to the United States. He also won the gold medal in the 1912 Olympics for the 100 meter freestyle.

Looking up at a palm tree.

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