Sunday, September 5, 2010

U Conn Vs Michigan - Pre Game

So I ended up going to the Michigan - University of Connecticut game yesterday. It was the re-dedication ceremony for the stadium as they expanded the seating to 109,901. The 1 at the end is a seat reserved for Fritz Crisler, who was a Michigan coach at one time. The stadium is again the largest football stadium in the country. It was a pretty neat game.

There were alot of helicopters buzzing around the stadium.

This is another helicopter.

The team leaving the field after the pre-game warmups. The man in the white shirt on the right is Rich Rodriguez, the current coach.

This is the Connecticut band.

This is the flag section of the Michigan band as it takes the field for the pre-game stuff.

This is a tradition where the drum major touches his head on the turf.

As I said, it was a re-dedication ceremony, here are various officials of the University cutting the ribbon for the stadium.

The really cool part was watching the B-25 from the Yankee Air Force do a flyover.

The person with the cane is Brock Mealer and he was given only a 1% chance to walk again. His brother is part of the football team and the strength and conditioning coach of the team helped Brock get to walk again. He was asked to lead the team out on the field.

This is another tradition for Michigan football.

The National Anthem.

A group in the student section making a block M. I'm glad to see they had this kind of coordination.

A pair of A-10 Warthogs during the National Anthem.

The Coin Toss.

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