Saturday, September 25, 2010

During the Flight Home

These are some of the pictures from my flight home. I had the window seat so I decided to take some pictures although pictures from the air aren't the greatest.

Off in the distance is the Catalina Islands. The take off from John Wayne Airport is pretty bizarre, the plane powers up and goes up in a high bank ascent and then it cuts the engine for a bit. The planes pass over some pretty high priced real estate.

To the right of the wing is Huntington Beach. I think you can even see the pier there.

Not sure what mountains these are but I like the shot.

Again, not sure what mountain this is but I like the shot.

I think this might be somewhere around the Grand Canyon. It's definately a desert mesa type thing.

I liked the way the clouds hovered over the mountains.

Another shot of a mountain.

The only reason this shot is in here is because of the plane just off the wing. I thought this was unusual as the other plane seemed pretty close. A little bit later I saw a Fed Ex plane pass right under our plane (probably about 1000 feet difference in altitude or more though).

This is a shot of the sunset off the wings. I like the pink on them. I tried to get a shot of the impending dusk to the front of the plane but it didn't turn out too well.

A shot of the sunset as we were approaching Minneapolis. Unfortunately I didn't have enough shutter speed so it's a bit blurred.

Pulling into the gate Minneapolis-St. Paul. I had to bump up the film speed to get this shot.

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