Monday, September 13, 2010

The Roger Blough on Lake Huron

After visiting the lighthouse, I didn't realize that my GPS would tell me the shortest way home was to continue down M-25 to Port Huron. Oh well, it was a nice day for it. As I looked out over the lake, I noticed this ship so I pulled off to one of the roadside stops and took a couple pictures of it.

Even though I couldn't make out the writing on the hull, I'm pretty sure this one is the Roger Blough as I've taken pictures of this one before. This was the closest shot I could get, it's not bad though.

I pulled the zoom out a bit to get this shot in order to get the clouds and stuff in with it.

This was my normal lens just to give the impression of just how far this ship is out on the water. Many people who are not from Michigan do not realize just how big the Lakes are. I think this would give them a pretty good idea.

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