Thursday, September 2, 2010

Messing Around

I was going to go down to Ann Arbor tonight to get my shots of the Bell Tower and Michigan Union since I missed them for August but it was sporadically raining. So I decided to mess around with my action figures and some lighting. I played around with this a little bit last year and liked the effects. I wanted to do it again but never really gave myself the chance. Anyways...

For this one I tried to hold the flashlight over the lightsaber so it would sort of have the effect of lighting Mr. Vader. It sort of worked. I wish I could remember how I did this last year because I had the light more over the saber.

The famous battle between Luke and Vader from Empire Strikes Back. The Vader seems a little tall though, but this works. I like the lighting on this one a little better because it looks more like it is coming from the lightsaber.

This shot is a U-boat Commander. Many of the submarine attacks during World War II were at night and from the surface. I had the light filtered with a red party cup to give it the appearance that they are looking at a burning ship.

This is a pair of figures from the Vietnam War. I was trying to get the effect of them sitting in the dark observing the enemy.

This is a US Paratrooper in the doorway of a C-47. I was trying to get the effect of a searchlight locking on it.

A pair of US Paratroopers.

A British Paratrooper.

I tried a couple of other shots but they didn't work too well.


Kathy English said...

I'll have to show my kids the Star Wars pics - they practically have the movies memorized :-0

Mikoyan said...

Somewhere on my facebook page is a picture I took of Anakin and Obiwan and I like how it turned out much better. The Vader and Luke one is nice though but I did something with the Anakin one that I don't remember.