Friday, September 10, 2010

Wow...10,000 visitors

A couple of months ago, I put statcounter on my blog because I wanted an idea of how many people stop by and look at my blog. Anyways, I would get a pretty steady stream of 20 to 50 visitors a day which doesn't seem bad. Then this happened.

This is a blog I go to that focuses on Michigan sports (football in particular), I posted my shots from last Saturday's game in the comments section. The author of the blog decided to give me front page attention (well he did have a link here before but that seems to get lost in the shuffle). And then this happened....

This is another blog dedicated to Michigan sports. I rarely visit there but it is pretty huge. Apparently they liked this picture:

And then last night, I see a link on mgoblog to my last set of Michigan Union pictures. I really wish they wouldn't have used that post because I don't really like how they turned out but I guess we can't always get what we want.

So thanks to Andy at Spawnofmzone for spawning the attention to my little corner of the internet. Also thanks to the folks at mgoblog for starting the firestorm. And to my recent visitors, despite the not so good Michigan Union pictures, I hope that you all decide to poke around here and stick around here.

And please please....comment on here. I welcome comments, unless they are from Chinese spammers.

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