Saturday, September 18, 2010

Central Michigan Vs. Eastern Michigan

The Eastern game was at 4:00 and the Michigan game was over at around 3:30 (or so), so I decided to stop at the Eastern game on my way home. I was hoping it would be a good game as Eastern usually plays Central pretty tough.

The EMU quarterback as he is about to pass.

The Central quarterback passing. Sadly, this was a common sight during the game as Central was moving the ball almost at will.

The Eastern running back heading towards the hole.

One of the Eastern receivers after a catch.

The other EMU quarterback handing the ball off.

The Central Receiver after a reverse.

The CMU band at halftime.

The EMU band at halftime.

The EMU quarterback making another pass. Eastern was passing the ball pretty well but they were never able to establish a running game.

Another pass.

One of my favorite shots to take, the trenches.

Handing the ball off.

This was after Eastern fumbled and the Central player was able to run it in for a touchdown.

After a kickoff. He bobbled the ball at first and perhaps should have decided to get a touchback.

Another pass.

The handshake after the game. The final score was 52-14 with Central winning. Eastern couldn't stop them on defense and only sporadically got drives together. This was pretty sad as Eastern was within winning distance at a couple points of the game but Central was able to pull away.

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