Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cleveland Air Show - Walking Around

After the Blue Angels were done, I decided to walk around the Air Show to look at the static displays. This would give a little time to let the traffic die down plus give me a chance to get a picture of some of the other planes. Again, I didn't realize the size of this Air Show, so there were a few planes here.

This is a Continental Airlines 737 from an angle that I usually don't get to take.

Looking down the fuselage of the 737. It was kind of wierd entering a passenger plane using the stairs. I've gotten so used to walking on using a jetway.

I'm not sure what part of the propellor this is called but I was trying for a reflection shot of myself. Little did I realize I would get a nice panaramic shot of the airshow around me.

Looking up at the propellor. I was trying for an arty shot.

The DC-3.

The nose art of the Yankee Lady.

Looking at the Blue Angels as they wait for tomorrow.

A side shot of the DC-3.

The front of a C-130.

An MH-60 Seahawk.

The EA-18 Growler.

A Canadian F/A-18.

Looking at the front of the F/A-18.

An A-10 Warthog out of Selfridge.

The Quarter angle shot.

The front shot of the Warthog. I always remember thinking this was an ugly plane but I guess I've gotten used to the look because I really like them now.

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