Sunday, September 19, 2010

Minneapolis-St Paul Airport

My connecting flight was through the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. It is the 16th busiest aiport in the United States. It used to be one of the major hubs for Northwest Airlines and still remains a hub for Delta Airlines. It has two terminals, one is named after Charles Lindbergh and the other is named after Hubert Humphrey both of which are famous Minnesotans. The Lindbergh terminal was built in 1962 and the Humphrey Terminal was rebuilt in 2001.

This is the plane that took me to Orange County. It is an Airbus 319 (or 320...I get Airbuses confused).

This is one of the planes as we were pulling out of the gate.

This was a plane taxiing. Behind it you can see the skyline of Minneapolis.

This is the control tower.

Another plane taxiing.

This is one of the runways.

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