Friday, October 26, 2012

Again With the H. Lee White

The next ship was one that I know I've seen before.  She belongs to the American Steamship Company.  For her, I decided to head back to the Maritime Center.  As I said, it was nice and warm and I thought I would grab another cup of coffee.
 I guess one of the things I like about inclement weather is that the clouds make for a nice backdrop for the ships.  I guess they give it a nice dramatic effect.
 Although I'm not a huge fan of the rearmounted pilothouses, I guess it's better than the barges.
 A more straight on shot of her.
 And she starts to head downriver.  I guess if there is one thing that I don't like about the Maritime Center is that there isn't much time for ship viewing.  But they have coffee....
 As she passes the chemical plant.
 As she starts to passed the Kuber.
And one more shot of her.

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