Monday, October 15, 2012

Stuff on the Saginaw River

So Saturday night and Sunday took me up to my mom's in Bay City.  Because of the game I didn't have too many picture opportunities after I got there on Saturday but that's okay since I took plenty of pictures at the game.  As I was heading back home on Sunday, I thought I would stop by the Edson to take a tour of her.
 Sadly, the Edson was not open but as I looked across the river from the dock, I noticed this pair of tugs docked.  The big one is the Gregory J. Busch and the small one is the Edwin Busch.  I think they are both from Cleveland.  Based on the barge in front of them, they may be here for dredging.
 I tried to get a closer shot of the bigger tug.
 I did manage to get a shot of the Edson.  I guess she's in pretty decent shape.  She does look a little rougher up close though.
 A closeup of the Edwin Busch.
 One more shot of the pair.
 As I was getting ready to get back in the car, I noticed this boat start to approach me.  I saw her last year at the River of Time event.  She was playing the role of Confederate paddle wheel.
 Here she was taking my uncle for a ride.
He's the one in the blue jacket.

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