Friday, October 26, 2012

And Now the Salty....Isa

Besides the Canadian and American ships that sail the Great Lakes, there is also a fair number of saltwater vessels that spend some time on the Lakes.  Many times they are carrying grain to faraway ports, sometimes they are carrying other types of cargo.
 The next ship is named the Isa.
 The Isa is owned by the Polish Shipping Company Polsteam.  She carries a flag of convenience from Cyprus.
 She is 200m long and 24m wide and was built in 1999.  She can carry a little over 21,000 tons of cargo.
 You can tell she's a salty by her bow.
 And the cranes on the deck.
 I do like her color scheme though.
 And a shot as she passes through the Bluewater Bridge.
 And one set out against Lake Huron.
And one more before I moved on to the next ship.

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