Saturday, October 20, 2012

Eastern Michigan Vs. Army - The Game

And so we get to the game.  After the offensive production of last week and the fact that Army is not a good team, I thought that Eastern might have a chance today.  Last week's loss was a moral victory but I thought it was possible for Eastern to pull out a real victory today.
 A shot of the Army Mascot.  Not sure why they use a mule though but he looks pretty cool.
 Brumfeld running with the ball.  Based on the first couple of drives, it looks like Eastern didn't lose a step from last week.
 The trenches.  These are probably my favorite football shots.
 The Army Quarterback starting to run with the ball.  Like the other service academies, Army runs the option and like the other service academies, they run it very well.
 One of the Army players getting bent over.
 Hoskins getting tackled after making the catch.
 Bronson Hill running with the ball.  He didn't have a game like last week but he still ran for almost 200 yards and scored a touchdown.  They also used him in the aerial attack.
 Hoskins running with the ball after a catch.
 During Halftime, they had all the bands on the field and it sounded pretty impressive.  I have this shot of them spelling EMU and I will show some of the panoramic shots I did after my post game post.
 Damarius Reed after a catch.  It looked like he might have gained more yards than he did but he was down sooner.
 The Army quarterback running for a touchdown after breaking loose.  As I said, they were very effective with the option.
 Brumfield running with the ball again.
 The Army quarterback attempting to pass.  His passing game wasn't quite the same as his running game though.
 Hill running with the ball.  He didn't break this one for a touchdown though.
 Hill getting tackled.  If he can continue to play like this, EMU might have a bright future.
I believe these signs are used for the plays that Army is calling.  Given that Sherman is on here, is this a play to burn the defense? :)

EMU played very well today.  I just wish the defense were better.

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Christopher List said...

WTH is Eastern playing in grey and green? Did they change their colors?