Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Messing Around the Apartment

I was thinking of going out photographing tonight but I putzed around for too long and didn't feel like actually going out.  Then I figured it has been a while since I've done pictures of things around my apartment.  I guess that's kind of the last resort of when you can't think of things to photograph.  But sometimes, models and what not make decent pictures.  Although sometimes I do more experimental things with them.
 Surprisingly, this picture was taken with my camera hand held.  The foreground wasn't too blurry and the light was sort of bright enough.  This is a die cast M1 Abrams sporting desert paint.  I think it depicts one from the early days of the Iraq War.
 Looking at it from another angle.  It's amazing how detailed some of the die cast models are these days.
 My next subject was Field Marshall Montegomery.  He was the British General in charge of the British Army in North Africa.  He also had a hand in the Sicily invasion and the Normandy Invasion.  He was also responsible for the plan that lead to "A Bridge Too Far".  He wasn't a bad General though.
 Somehow, this wouldn't be a photo series without General Patton.  After the disaster at the Battle of Kasserine, General Patton would be in charge of the American Army in North Africa.  He was also in charge of the American portion of the Sicily invasion.  Had it not been for a few incidents in Sicily, he probably would have been in charge of the American portion of the Normandy invasion.  Instead, he played a (probably) more important role of being in charge of a phantom Army that the Germans thought was going to invade at Pas de Calais.  Because of this, a whole German Army was tied up there and the repulsion of the Normandy invasion was too late.  Patton would later be in charge of the US Third Army which had one of the more impressive drives of the war.  He was killed in a car crash in Germany right after the end of the war.
 Next up is Abraham Lincoln.  I probably don't have to go into much detail about him.  Although I think the new Spielberg movie looks interesting.
 After the historical figures, we move to the Smoking Man from the X-Files.  He was probably my favorite character in that series.
 Back to General Washington.  Again, another figure I don't have to go into much detail about.
 And then my favorite character from the Star Wars series...Princess Leia.
 Next up is a sort of model of a P-61 Black Widow.  If you ever read the book that the movie "The Great Raid" was based on, you would have read about this aircraft.  It was used to scope out the prison camp and when the American POW's looked up, they realized that the war was over because the US was putting out a plane like nothing they'd seen before.  This was one of the early night fighters and was equipped with a radar.
 Next up is a Stormtrooper wearing the gear from Tatooine.
 A soldier from the Vietnam War which was based on Col Hal Moore.  He wrote, "We Were Soliders Once...And Young".  It was the book the movie was based on.
 Not depicting any person from the Vietnam War.  Just like the boonie hat.
 This would be depicting a soldier from the 101st Airborne.  I think he is supposed to be one of the guys from Band of Brothers.
 A pair of tankers.  The guy on the left is a depiction of General Creigton Abrams after whom the M1 Abrams was named.  The guy on the right would be a generic tank crewman.  The tank is a 1/6th Scale Sherman Tank.
And then a mortar crew.  I actually made the thing they are sitting in.  It was an attempt at a diorama.

So there you have it.

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