Monday, October 29, 2012

At Tahquamenon Falls

Since I got the ship pictures I was looking for, we decided to head over to the Falls instead of my normal destination of late.  I'm kind of glad we did as I've been taking a bunch of ship pictures lately.
 Sadly, I missed the Falls while the colors were still around.  So I got an almost winter shot of the Falls.  I think it may have been snowing a little while I was there.
 A closer shot of the falls.
 One pulled back to get the full expanse.  Even without colors, it is still beautiful.
 As I was walking between the different spots that you can see the falls, I decided to take some pictures of the stuff on the ground.  I really liked this one.
 Another angle of the Falls.
 A little bit closer.
 Pulled back so you can see the cliff on the other side.
 I took this shot with the shutter speed slowed down to get an illusion of motion.
There were quite a few leaves on the ground though.

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