Monday, October 29, 2012

The Roger Blough Passes the Mackinac Bridge

My favorite ship by far is the Roger Blough.  It has been a while since I've seen her however as she's been doing the Duluth to Gary run lately.  When I saw that she would be passing the Mackinac Bridge on Saturday, I had to go up there and try to get a picture I've been looking to get for a while.
 Fortunately, I have an AIS app on my phone, so I could track her progress on the way up there.  For a while, it looked I might miss her because she seemed closer than she actually way.  A few minutes after arriving, I scanned the horizon and saw a very familiar stack.
 Pretty soon that familiar stack because a familiar pilothouse.  I just love the way ships look disjointed as they are appearing just over the horizon.  I'm not quite sure why this happens though.
 Slowly she became more apparent.
 And soon she was close enough that you could tell that she was the Blough.
 Eventually, she was close enough that I could get parts of the Bridge with her.
 As I was waiting for her to approach, someone approached me and asked me to take their picture.  I told them to wait as this was a shot I drove 5 hours for.  They didn't mind and they started to get their own pictures of her.
 Slowly she crept towards the Bridge.
 And finally, the shot I was looking for.
 Another shot I was looking for.
 And she started to move away with Lake Huron as her backdrop.
And one final shot with the Grand Hotel in the background.

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cmadler said...

That optical illusion at the horizon is a textbook mirage. Specifically, I think it's an "inferior mirage" (inferior, because the illusory image is beneath the real image).