Monday, October 29, 2012

The Wilfred Sykes at Mackinaw

The next ship is a beauty in my opinion.  Since she spends alot of time on Lake Michigan, I don't get many chances to see her.  But I Saturday, I managed to see her again and I wasn't expect to.  She is the Wilfred Sykes.
 So I looked over towards Mackinac Island and I saw a ship.  I couldn't quite make out what she was.  She was still hovering just below the horizon.  As she slowly raised above the horizon, more clues were offered.
 Eventually she was making her way closer, and I could easily identify her.  She was the Wilfred Sykes and I was glad because it was hazy last time.  Here she is passing the Grand Hotel.
 Eventually she got close enough that I could make out her name, but I didn't need that as she's got a pretty distinctive paint scheme.
 A shot of her against the sky.
 As she passes the St. Ignace side.
 Slowly she approaches the Mackinac Bridge.
 And she starts to pass under the Bridge.
 Slowly she moves away.
 One more shot of her alone.
And then she greets the reason why I was up at the Bridge in the first place.

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