Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shots from Downtown Detroit

With my focus on ships lately, it has been a while since I've been down to this part of Detroit.  I do kind of miss it.  Since I was taking a picture of the Spirit of Detroit, I figured I would get pictures of the rest of the area.
 The One Woodward Building which as I said was a prototype of sorts for the World Trade Center.
 The Renaissance Center which wasn't a prototype but there are buildings which have used a similar design in other parts of the country.
 Looking up at the building that used to be called the Comerica Tower.  I don't think there are other buildings that look like this one.
 The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial.  There are similar looking statues but I like this one the best.
 The figure at the top of the statue, I forget what she's called though.
 Another shot of the memorial.
 I forget what building this one is.
 A better shot of the Comerica Tower.  I love the Gothic revival spires on the top.
 Looking up at a column on one of the buildings down there.
 The Guardian Building is probably one of my favorites.  I just wish I could get a full out shot of it. I guess at one time you could.  That's progress for you.
 The shield above the old Grand Trunk ticket office.
 Looking up at the Vinton Building.  I believe this one was designed by Albert Kahn.
 One more shot of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial.
 Not sure what this piece is called.  Normally I wouldn't leave other things in the picture, but I kind of liked the effect.
And a not so good shot of the Comerica Tower while I was stopped at a light.

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