Friday, October 12, 2012

Strolling Around Gallup Park

Decided it would be a good night to wander around Gallup Park.  It seems like it has been a long time since I've taken pictures that haven't involved ships.  So I guess it was a nice break, however it looks like it may have been a nice night for ships.  Oh well.
 I hooked up with my friend and he was taking pictures of the berries there.  So I figured I would try a couple of pictures as well.  I was hoping to get one of the colored leaves in the shot but they were too far back.
 After a little bit of cropping, this one worked for me.
 Somehow it wouldn't be a Gallup series from me without a picture of a swan.
 Or a duck.....
 Or the Gray Goose....
 Or a Canadian goose....
 Or another Canadian goose.....
 Although usually I don't catch pictures of Geese in flight. 
 Next up was the weeds.
 Or the milkweeds. 
 First I took this picture.
 And then I was pointed to this one, which I think is a much nicer shot.
 This is the chapel from Concordia University.  I'm pretty sure I took this picture last year too but I think I caught it in better light tonight.
 Even though this a pretty mundane bridge, I like the lighting.
 I kind of wish this would have turned out a little more like how the tree looked in person.  It was pretty cool.
 This tree was pointed out to me as well.  I love the blaze red.
And with the sunset, I was pretty much out of picture taking opportunties.  However, I was happy to catch the Wolverine in the process.

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