Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Atlantic Erie

One of these years I would like to be able to say that I've seen every ship that regularly travels on the Great Lakes.  Sometimes I feel like I'm getting close to that goal but then I see a ship that I haven't seen before.  So tonight we have a ship that is making her debut on this blog.
 The Atlantic Erie was born at the Collingwood Shipyard in Collingwood, Ontario in 1984.  She is capable of travelling on both the Lakes and the Ocean which is probably why I don't see her that often.
 Here she is passing under the Ambassador Bridge.  I actually thought I would get a chance to see her from Del Ray Park but that is now closed until the spring.
 One of the things I love to get is the headshot.  If I have the right position, I can get it but it is still difficult at times.
 She was originally known as the Right Honourable Paul Martin.  Because she was built just after the canals were lengthened, she is the longest vessel to have been built at the Collingwood Shipyard.
 She is powered by a 11,100 horsepower diesel engine.  This gives her a rated speed of 16.1 mph. 
 She's capable of carrying up to 36,000 tons of cargo and is 736 feet long.  She is equipped with a bow thruster.
 In 1985, she was sailing on the oceans.
 In 1988, she was given her current name as she returned to the Lakes briefly.
 She's had a few incidents in her career.  She still splits her time between the Lakes and ocean although she spends much of her time on the Lakes.
 I'm getting more happy with the stern decked ships.
 But I still prefer my classic lakers.
 A shot of her forecastle.
 And pilothouse.
 She generates quite a bit of wake.
 A closer shot of her pilothouse.
 I wonder if they will paint "Like Us on Facebook" at some point?
 A shot of her pilothouse and crane.
 And she heads off to her destination.
 She angles off.
And one last shot before she leaves.

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