Monday, October 15, 2012

Eastern Michigan Vs. Toledo - The Game

I don't remember who won the coin toss but I do know that Eastern was receiving the opening kickoff.
 Just as every story has a beginning, so does every game.  Football games typically start with the opening kickoff.  As I was moving down the field after the kickoff, Eastern threw an interception and I thought that this game was going to be ugly.
 Cassius McDowell running the ball for Toledo.  As I was watching him, I was imagining that I was taking pictures of Denard but alas, he's not quite as fast.  I think Toledo scored on this posession.
 Then EMU managed a nice kickoff return to get decent field position.
 I only included this picture for one reason.  Sometimes I think I'm getting a decent picture only to later find out some jackass got in the way.
 On the next posession, EMU managed to march the ball pretty well but had to settle for a field goal.  Here we have quarterback Tyler Benz taking the snap.
 Bernard Reedy taking a kickoff for a nice return.
 Terrance Owens making a fairly nice pass.  He had a decent day.
 Bronson Hill running the ball.  I'm kind of surprised this wasn't called.
 Tyler Allen after making a nice catch.  If I recall this would set up the EMU touchdown.
 David Fluellen taking the handoff from Owens.  He had a pretty good game too.
 Demarius Reed after catching the ball.
 Owen setting up for a pass.
 Gillett managed to see some game time but he mostly was in running plays.
 Ryan Brumfeld running the ball.
 Gillett setting up to pass.  Not sure if you can tell in this picture but it was starting to rain.
 Tyler Benz running the ball.
 I think this was just at halftime after Eastern intercepted the ball to end the half.  At this time it was Toledo ahead 21-10.
 With EMU marching off the field at halftime and the rain starting to come down, I was debating on whether or not I would pack it in.
 I decided to listen to the halftime show and take care of some business.
 Managed to catch a little bit of the EMU band.
 The team marched back on the field under the watchful eye of the eagle but they came out a little early.  The coaches had them running drills for a bit and I wondered if they were sending a message.
 For some reason, that message seemed to work because a different Eastern team came out after halftime.  This would be the first touchdown run by Bronson Hill.  This would cut the Toledo lead.
 Even Swoop was getting excited.  Although a I think he is always excited.
 Sadly, the EMU defense could not stop Reedy and he would march in for a touchdown.
 But wait...another Bronson Hill run and another EMU touchdown.
 Sadly, there would be another Reedy touchdown.  I did have a slight problem as my lens started to fog up.  But I think it made for some pretty cool shots.
 He didn't even have to put on much effort.
 But that was followed by another Bronson hill touchdown.  It was pretty awesome.  Like I said, it was like there was another team wearing the Eastern uniforms.
 You can see the smile after he crossed the goal line.
 Then the EMU passing attack sprang into action.  I think Nick Olds was running in for a touchdown on this play.
 David Fluellen running with the ball again.
 Another Reedy touchdown.
 I think this is James Green running with the ball after a catch.
 David Fluellen running with the ball.  He was stopped shortly after this picture.
 Another run.
 Tyler Benz setting up the pass.  At this point the rain was really starting to pour.
 Another pass.
 Sadly another incomplete.
 But then another touchdown.
 A couple of shots of the crowd toughing it out in the rain.
 Another shot of the crowd.
And soaked cheerleaders.

Sadly, EMU would come close but not close enough but that doesn't matter.   I'm glad I stayed for the half because that was one of the better EMU halves in a long time.

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