Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Phantom Doesn't Say Boo

I must make two confessions.  First, I can't take credit for the title.  The title was given to me when I visited the USS Midway a couple years ago.  Second, I've been meaning to do a Halloween post.  Now, knowing me and what I like, it can't be a normal Halloween post can it?

 What is usually the first thing you associate with Halloween?  Witches?  Sure.  Goblins?  Maybe.  Me, I associate Halloween with ghosts.  Another word for ghost is Phantom.  So here's a Phantom for you.
 What's that you say?  It's an airplane.  Well duh.  I like airplanes.  But it's still a Phantom.
 Now, I could have used my Navy Phantom.  Especially since it has the Skull and Crossbones on it.  But I was in the wrong office for that.  So here's the Air Force version.
 I wish the Air Force still used this paint scheme as it looks cool.
Well the Phantom this one represents may say boo to MiG-21's.

Happy Halloween.

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