Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eastern Michigan Vs. Kent State - The Game

There was alot of hope for this game.  EMU was able to play Michigan State pretty close.  They lost but the game was still pretty close.  They were coming home and looked like the things were on the upswing.
 Well, sometimes life doesn't live up to the hopes.  Kent State was pretty much able to run the ball at will.  Their passing attack was fairly decent.  EMU was lucky there were a few dropped passes because the score would have been more lopsided.
 Didn't get to see this guy too much during the game.  Even he was able to run the ball against EMU.
 Tyler Allen during one of many kickoff returns.
 I guess if I had one picture to sum up the day, it would be this one.  EMU took a number of stupid penalties.  I'm not going to say that cost them the game but it didn't help.
 My favorite shots from games.  I don't know what it is about this.
 Although right after the snap is better.
 One of a couple dropped passes.
 Bronson Hill eluding a tackle to make the one bright spot of Eastern's day.
 He looks at the defenders and sees that he could....
 .....go all the way.  It was a pretty sweet run and like I said the only bright spot of the day.
 Like I said, Kent State pretty much ran the ball at will.
 Hell, these guys could have probably done it too.
 I kind of like this shot.
 And the eagle again.
 I'll have to admit that this is pretty cool.  It's not often I can get this close to an Eagle.
 Setting up another run play.
 I guess this was another bright spot of Eastern's day.  They were able to get a pick but the ensuing offensive posession was for naught.
 Another running play.
 Eastern attempted the running game but with the exception of the long touchdown run, it was for naught.
 Another Kent running play.
 Tyler Benz almost looking like a quarterback.
 Demarius Reed running with the ball after a catch.
 And the other EMU touchdown.  This was kind of a nice play too.
 The other Kent quarterback running the ball.
 Another run play.
 The victory formation on Kent's part.
 The post game handshake.
 The picture that almost says it all.  Kent State played pretty well today and didn't make too many mistakes.  Unlike Eastern.
And the picture that does say it all.  At least the score is the same backwards or forwards.

The sad part was that this was supposed to be EMU's year.  Last year they went 6 and 6 and this year they were returning a good portion of their offense.  Their defense may have been suspect because they weren't returning as many of them but still.  Now they are 0 and 5 and looking at 0 and 6.  Heck, they may not win a game this year but we'll see.

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