Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oakland Vs EMU Basketball - The Game

This was my first Eastern basketball game.  I should have been following a little closer as they were 6 and 4 going into this game with the 6 wins at home.  Granted, they haven't really played anyone that would test their mettle but still it's better where they've been in the recent past.  The Oakland Grizzlies would probably provide more of a gage of where they are than some of the teams they've beat or got beat by.
 The tip off at the beginning of the game.  I don't understand why they don't do this for the second half too.  But oh well.
 Jalen Ross is one of the new faces on the EMU roster.  He's a freshman Greensboro, North Carolina and looked pretty decent.
 I can't tell who this is.  I think it is Daylen Harrison but I'm not sure.
 Ross charging for the basket.
 Glenn Bryant trying to throw the ball back out.
 Ross pushing hard towards the basket.
 Oakland came out to a pretty strong lead, so better entertainment was Swoop.
 Senior Derek Thompson going for a three pointer.  He looked pretty decent.
 Jamell Harris going for the basket.
 Another shot of Swoop dancing.
 Austin Harper driving for the basket.  He didnt' come into the game until much later.
 J.R. Sims driving towards the basket.
 Jamell Harris attempting a free throw.
 Ross going towards the basket.
 Matt Balkema making a shot.  I don't remember if this was the one for a lead or a tie but it was pretty cool.  EMU was down by almost 20 points at one point.
Sadly, they couldn't hold on to the lead.  I just hope that my first appearance at the game didn't jinx them.

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