Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Roger Blough Passes By St. Clair

There is one ship that will drag me out and that is the Roger Blough.  I saw that she would be passing by Port Huron Sunday morning.  I was hoping to catch her someplace else along the way but the weather didn't seem terribly cooperative but I was able to catch her in St. Clair.
 It was still fairly early in the morning, so I couldn't use my bigger lens quite yet but the other lens will do just fine.  That just means it is tougher to get things like head shots and what not.
 However, I can still get the almost straight on shots and because the channel is a little closer to the shore, I can get slight different angles on the ships.
 She has one of my favorite pilothouses of the boats on the lakes.
 Her very distinctive stack and unloading system.
 As I like to say with pictures like this....freighter jousting.  This time she is going up against the Dool.
 My least favorite view of the Blough because under normal circumstances it means I am not going to see her again for a while but not today.
Two ships passing each other.  One loaded down, the other going back to get stuff.

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