Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Brief Wandering Through Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh was established in 1758 as Fort Pitt.  It was named in honor of the British Earl William Pitt.  It was incorporated as a township in 1771 and borough in 1794.   Currently, its population stands a little over 300,000.
 Pittsburgh was long known as the Steel City because it was home to a number of steel mills (not depicted here) but it was also the sight of many related industries.  However, like many cities in the Northeast, many of those industries have been moved elsewhere leaving another city looking to re-establish itself.  This is one of the neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.  I liked the look of it.
 This is an old Chemical factory.
 A stream.  I kind of liked the industrial look of this.
 An old church.
 I really liked the look of this hardware store window.  It doesn't seem like it would be out of place in black and white.
 Another neighborhood.
 Looking up at one of the old houses.
 A reflection of the neighborhood.
 A church.
 A street that I swore was straight down.  On the night before, I wanted to check out the casino and this is one of the streets my GPS routed me on.
 Another neighborhood area.
 Then I headed downtown to get some pictures there.
 The Heinz Center.
 With 446 bridges at one time, Pittsburgh is also known as the city of bridges.
 Another shot of downtown.  Pittsburgh does seem like it is re-inventing itself.  I am sure there are still some neighborhoods that I don't want to visit though.
 Reflections in a skyscraper.
 I really liked the look of this building.
 The skyscraper canyon.
 I thought this building looked pretty neat.
 It looked even neater looking up at it.
 I think one of the things that I liked about Pittsburgh was there was a nice mixture of the old and the new.  This building didn't seem terribly out of place even though it was surrounded by modern looking skyscrapers.
 A little park.
 Another building that I thought looked cool.
 I liked the reflections of this one.
 Then I headed up to Grandview Street.  I have a feeling this was one of the wealthier neighborhoods at one time.  It gives a really nice view of the city.
 Some of the houses.
 Looking down a street.  For some reason this reminded me of a steeper version of San Francisco.
 I couldn't pass up a shot of a barge.
 Like I said, you get a pretty impressive view of the city itself.
 Just another angle.
 And another angle.
 A church.
 One of the Carnegie Libraries in the city.  Andrew Carnegie used to be one of the richest men in the country (if not the world).  If I remember correctly, he built up the steel industry in this country.  Once he made his wealth, he started to give some of it back in the form of libraries and a University.
And there are jerks everywhere.

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Rachael said...

Pittsburgh has been reinventing itself since the 1950's/1960's. Like Detroit it's main industry declined but it changed it's main industry into healthcare and came out of it all the better. It's the city Detroit could of been and is slowly starting to evolve into. I love walking and driving around the neighborhoods there when we visit my husbands family who is originally from the city, I love how all the houses cling and creep up all the hills.