Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Gallitzin Tunnel

Just west of the Horseshoe Curve is the Gallitzin Tunnels.  The first tunnel was built here in 1854 and was known as the Allegheny Tunnel.  In the 1890's, this was expanded to two tracks.
 In 1904, the tunnel to the left was built and was known as the Gallitzin Tunnel.  In the early 1990's, the tunnel to the right was expanded to accomodate larger cars and the other tunnel was closed.  This was also on the list of targets for the German Saboteurs.
 A Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose.
 But it was trains I was looking for here.
 And it was trains that I would find.
 There was a nice little bridge over the tracks.  They were kind enough to make camera spots on it.
 The train entering the tunnel.
 A shot of some of the cars.
 The train showing off by carrying a bunch of semi-trailers.
 A car hauling car.
 The back engines leaving the tunnel.
One more shot.

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