Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Federal Nakagawa

Following pretty close behind the Lubie was the Federal Nakagawa.
I've seen her loading cargo in Detroit before, so this is not her debut but I will try to relay some stats on her.
 She was constructed in 2005 and can carry a little over 36,000 tons of cargo.  I think she is a fairly frequent visitor to the Great Lakes.
 Like I said in the last post, I like the color variety for the salties.
This particular vessel is registered in Hong Kong.
 They usually carry a variety of cargos.  I think when I saw her loading in Detroit, she was carrying coils of steel.
 She is heading towards Burns Harbor in Indiana.
 It seems like things are getting unstuck in my neck of the woods but it might still be a couple weeks for stuff to get unstuck on Lake Superior.
 She slowly works her way up the St. Clair River.
 A shot of her stern and she flies the Chinese flag.
 Up in the distance is the Lubie.
One more shot before moving on.

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