Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eastern Michigan Baseball Vs Michigan State

I decided to stop at the Eastern Michigan baseball game tonight.  They were playing the dreaded Spartans of Michigan State.  I don't normally go to Eastern baseball games because they tend to be scheduled for odd times and about half of the season is played somewhere warmer.  Around the time they start playing in Ypsilanti, the season is almost half over.  Normally, Eastern's baseball team is decent.  They are generally competitive in the MAC.
 Eastern's pitcher throwing the ball.  He ended up getting chased out after two innings.
 The pitching coach discussing strategy with the pitcher.
 One of the Eastern players swinging for the ball.
 Michigan State celebrating one of their 5 runs.
 Another pitch.
 The Michigan State base coach.
 Eastern celebrating one of their three runs.
The Michigan State pitcher getting chased off the mound.

I didn't stick around for the whole game because it started to get chilly.  It was still pretty fun.

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