Sunday, April 27, 2014

The South Haven Lighthouse Again

Since it wasn't too far away from St. Joseph, I decided to head over to South Haven as well.  They have a pretty nice lighthouse as well.  And I was imagining it wouldn't be as icy as the last time I saw it.
 Sure enough, it wasn't.  Like many of the lighthouses along Lake Michigan, it has a catwalk.
 It gets fairly windy on that side of the state and if you needed to get out to the lighthouse itself, it would be nice to avoid those waves.
 Looking down the channel marker pier.  I really didn't have much of a reason to get closer, so I was content to look at it from here.
 I do like the lighthouses on this side of the state.  They are pretty cool looking and coupled with the fact that Lake Michigan looks pretty nice, it makes for a nice setting.
 However, Lake Michigan was still fairly angry.
 Another shot.
 Looking down at the channel entrance.  I'm not sure if I can catch a boat here but I wouldn't mind doing so some day.
 Then I went to the other side of the river, to get some pictures there.
 It was a little more crowded than St. Joseph.
 Looking down the other side.
 A pair of fisherman braving the waves.
 Finally, a shot without people in it.
 Looking up at the tower.
 A closeup.
 Taking the long view.
 And the long view without people.
 Another shot.
 Looking from the beach.
One more shot for good measure.

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