Sunday, April 27, 2014

Flotsam and Jetsam

When I took these pictures, I already had a title in mind but I didn't remember the difference between the two words.  I knew that they applied to things washed up ashore but I didn't realize that they were specific terms.  Flotsam is the floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo, although over the years I think it's come to mean anything that gets washed ashore.  Jetsam is stuff that is thrown overboard to lighten a ship in distress.  The stuff you learn.  Anway...
 I wasn't going to take pictures of stuff lying on the beach but then I saw this bottle sort of washing up on shore.  Of course my imagination took over and I imagined that there was a message in it.  Sadly there wasn't.
 Just a seagull feather.  There were quite a few birds flying around yesterday.
 Just a fishbone missing a head.
 A piece of driftwood.  I kind of liked this one because it reminded me of a horn or something.
 I'm not even going to begin to imagine this story.  Somebody lost a shoe though.
 Another piece of driftwood.  I liked the way the sand was draped over it.
One more piece of driftwood.

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Anonymous said...

you're right! there's a trove of tales here. in fact, i have a fairly new softball in my car right now that i picked up along the KVK.